Search without the search engine, life after Google and an AI in your browser are different ways of saying the same thing. What it comes down to is Context Scout’s core belief that there are enough contextual clues in your online behaviour that information should be seamlessly curated and delivered to you when you need it. This is what we’ve worked on for 2 years and myself personally for over 7 years. In this past year, we had enough resources to finally solve some of the hardest, most crucial problems that stood in our way.

Context Scout spent most of 2017 digging a big hole in the ground, and now we’re building a frame, and fast. But progress is hidden when you’re underground, so here’s what we’re been up to this past year.

What We’ve Built

Network diagram of business information
  • An infrastructure for automatically connecting a user’s task to any website, API or database through our bespoke (and soon-to-be patented) integration framework
  • Hundreds of prototypes and designs in order to find the most intuitive and helpful way to assist users using this powerful engine
  • An almost-ready MVP that is currently able to assist recruiters and investors by summarising key facts on webpages, automatically finding new facts about people and companies from the web and saving this information to a database or CRM

How is it Being Used

  • Just now, we have beta testers from 3 countries using our prototype. They interact with the tool on average 7.08 times a day (and rising)
Screenshot of a LinkedIn profile in a web browser with the Context Scout plugin showing information about the person

What We Achieved

Team Context Scout

  • We’ve grown into a team of 6, our newest members are Emily, our product designer who joins us from the Cortana team at Microsoft, and Chris, our full-stack engineer, founder of 3 companies and alumni from both EF and YC
  • We’ll soon be joined by Mohammad who’ll be working for UCL as a post-doc in collaboration with us on our grant project, and we’re currently looking for a lead engineer

What We’ll be Doing in 2018

  • Onboarding new testers onto our prototype each week, we currently have 1700 more lined up
  • Publicly re-launching our product back into the recruitment market
  • New features in the pipeline including on-webpage UI and interactions, task management and contextual auto-suggest
  • Also launching our enterprise workflow analytics toolkit into a pilot program with some of the 25+ enterprises we’ve engaged with in the past year
  • More patents, papers and publications
  • We are likely to be fundraising by the end of the year, there’ll be more news on this as the year progresses


Our mission at Context Scout is to build what comes after search. The foundations are now in place, the scaffolding has gone up and the frame is under construction. In 2018, you’ll be hearing a lot more from us as we expand our userbase and publicly release our technology. We’ll be making some big announcements over the next couple of months — until then, Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year!